Belgian Startup Debuts Bitcoin Payments For Parking Tickets

As per the news about Bitcoin, a digital parking startup named Seety has launched a new crypto fee assist for parking tickets.

As per the news published by, the new corporation will be bootstrapped by the Belgian accelerator program. Thus, all Seety Customers can now use Bitcoin to make the payment for parking tickets in each city.

In addition to bitcoin, they can also use other cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Customers who want to make use of crypto for payment in parking areas will also use the coin to purchase Seety credit on the app. As per the report, the use of crypto won’t incur any additional charge on the part of the customer.

At present, the Seety app has almost 355,000 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. The company is expecting an annual turnover of almost 2 million Euros by the end of 2022.

The use of cryptocurrency for the payment of parking fees shows how cryptocurrency will be adopted on a regular basis in the future. Seety also expects that the adoption of crypto will also be environmentally pleasant.

This is not the first time that Bitcoin has been used for paying parking tickets. In 2014, the defunct Brawker app started the practice. These days, the use of crypto for microtransactions is becoming more important. But, in the long term, there are many hurdles for the broad-based penetration of digital currency.

The crypto bank cards and stable coins are also simplifying the process of spending cryptocurrencies. It is making it easier for retailers to onboard the cryptocurrency on their platform.

As per a report released by Cointelegraph, it was acknowledged that the crypt-enabled cards had processed almost $1 billion in crypto spending within the first quarter of 2021.

Is The High Computing Power Of Bitcoin Its Achilles Heel?

Bitcoin is one of the leading currencies in the field of digital currency that has made many of the investors a millionaire. However, due to a number of reasons it has been a point of debate among investors as well as authorities.

Bitcoin era as a cryptocurrency has gotten totally open interest. As a decentralized trade structure, Bitcoin relies upon mining cooperation, which is a crucial cycle to endorse trades. The mining cycle incorporates settling complex crypto-puzzles which requires on a very basic level high handling power. This resource-hungry collaboration by and large influences the energy usage of the structure. Our examination looks at the mining cycle and the resources expected to deal with tremendous volumes of trades.

Using data from September 2014 to November 2018, we investigate how the burrowing show affects as far as possible necessities of backhoes. We show that the complexity of the crypto-puzzle and the trade volume basically increase enrolling resource needs which in this manner raise the energy use. We check that the energy interest from mining activities will exhaust 17.96 Gigawatt if the system estimates 100 million trades every week. The disclosures suggest that the mining show channels basic resource necessities both from a figuring hardware and energy use needs that the future improvement of the Bitcoin association and the use of Bitcoin as money could be crude. 

Bitcoin’s High Computing Power

Data analyzed from the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF), show the world’s most renowned crypto asset as of now consumes around 13.37-gigawatt annum—0.6% of overall force supply, or by and large similar to the yearly energy draw of an emerged market countries as Sweden. 

Elon Musk, a short time stunned crypto monetary benefactors abstractly when he unexpectedly announced through Twitter, Tesla was no longer recognizes Bitcoin as a technique for portion referring to regular concerns. 

Bitcoin mining’s energy-concentrated cycle was the critical reason for existing for’s Elon Musk decision as the most standard crypto-asset relies upon a great deal of force made from coal known for high carbon prints and unsafe gases. 

Actually, the public authority of Iran actually situated a restriction on the mining of bitcoin as revealed by the country’s chief, Hassan Rouhani, mostly because of Bitcoin’s energy-heightened measure setting off blackouts in a basic number of Iranian focuses. 

Earthmovers on the blockchain habitually use staggering figuring power in settling complex mathematical endeavors that sufficiently work with a bitcoin trade to go through, setting off Bitcoin diggers to be compensated for their undertakings with the mechanized asset. 

Iranian financial specialists further revealed by far most of the energy usage gotten from Bitcoin mining is by and large credited to unlawful diggers, or those working such permits. 

In spite of the way that, Sam Bankman-Fried, the originator of Crypto subordinates exchange FTX actually uncovered that by far most of the current energy use will spoil away as square rewards go down the rest of the energy use will scale straightly with Bitcoin’s expense.

When Will Bitcoin Become Stable?

Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most novel methods to transact business in the present times. The dependency on this form of currency is increasing with time. The currency is available in the form of bitcoin and at the same time, it is available in the form of distributed ledger technology. In this situation, there is a further need to ensure the fact that the valuation of bitcoin is being done with the utmost amount of precision. However, ever since this cryptocurrency has been launched there has been an increase in the number of speculations that are being associated with the value. The value of the bitcoin has been fluctuating in these years. These fluctuations have not been like the ones which are seen in the share market.

There are usually different from them. In order words, the lesser degrees of jumps and falls which could be observed in the shares and stocks is completely negligible in front of this menace. When it comes to bitcoin, the fluctuations become of a greater degree and at the same time, it is in the position to speed up to a greater extent. The fluctuations which are prevalent in this phenomenon are so grave and so dwelling that it has the potential of changing the route of anybody’s fortune in the minimum possible time. 

This is what we call instability. There is hardly any speculation which will prove the bitcoins to be stable. At the same time, there would be in the position to ensure that the person who is investing would be promised a greater return. This level of unsurety has become of the most important reasons as why a majority of the people of the world are unsure about making an investment in this field. However, there have to certain steps taken to stabilize the value of bitcoins.

Steps for Stabilising the Currency Value

The foremost steps which would be ideally taken to stabilise the value of the security have been summarised as follows:

  • The first and foremost step which would play a determinative role in deciding the value of the currency is the authentication from the government.
  • Once the government has given the status of legal tender to this form of currency there would be a limited degree of speculation and at the same time, the level of stability will be enhanced.
  • The next step which should ideally be followed is an open sale and purchase of securities that are available in the form of bitcoins. This would help make the level of the transaction open in public. This would also enhance the level of trust.
  • Regulation of the entire range of demand and supply plays an important role in ascertaining the functioning of the value system.


With these steps, a necessary amount of stability could be promised. This would be helpful to cater to the needs of the economy in the best possible manner. All these factors can prove that the bitcoin will become stable shortly if some points are kept in mind.

Bitcoin Price Rally by 2021 Looks Likely From Five Fundamental Factors

The price of bitcoin is skyrocketing and the range of it would be USD 8600 to USD 10,000 in the last two months. There is volatility that has been shown by bitcoin since May, which has a rejection at USD 10440. There are a few fundamental factors that are prolonged till 2021. Based on the data that is collected by Skew, it is found that the volatility of bitcoin has dropped to lowest till June 24. The traders are very much conscious that the BTC would be at the critical price point. The performance of the bitcoin would have many hints for its price throughout the year. The volatility of bitcoin has hit a yearly low last June 24. The cryptocurrency traders have a positive sentiment on the bitcoins and its market.

In the short term analysis that is carried out, the analysts would be viewing the weakness of the bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies due to this pandemic. However, over a period of time, there are a few macro factors that would suggest that BTC has come back to its feet for its firm recovery. There is data that gives ample support to the anticipation of the increase in holdings of the investors. As per Rafael Schultze-Kraft, the Chief technical officer who is working at Glassnode, different data related to the holding will give a boost to the investors. The supply of bitcoin has been constant throughout the year, but has seen a rise in its price all the time to 61%. Nobody is ready to sell the bitcoins even if the price level has hit to its maximum. Shultze-Kraft stated that 61% of bitcoin supply has remained stagnant over a year. The 44% has remained to be the same throughout the year and 30% has remained the same in the last 3 years.

There is a metric that is known as Holder Net Position Change has shown that the investors of bitcoin have accumulated a lot of bitcoins in 2020. Many are not showing interest to sell them. There are only 16 days in which bitcoin price was down. If the bitcoin remains positive, it means that the investors are not moving funds from their walls to the exchanges to sell them. The price of this digital currency has seen a drop USD 3,600 in many of the key futures exchanges. The bitcoin value has been increased from USD 4,000 to USD 14,000.

A New York Airport Test Pilots Blockchain-based Coronavirus Cleanliness App

The new coronavirus detection app will detect any unhealthy or unclean surface so that necessary steps can be taken immediately. Using blockchain technology, the app will identify the persons who are not healthy and fit. This will help network airports to curb the spread of coronavirus. Albany Airport has started exploring different avenues regarding the “Wellbeing Trace App.” The “well-being trace app” will help officials to find places and items that are not clean or sanitized. With the increase in the rage of the goal pandemic, blockchain main has once again proved its necessity and usability in the modern technological era.

The application, created by General Electric Co. (GE) in association with THE-FOOD and Eurofins, plans to give a protected travel insight during and after the Covid pandemic. It is manufactured utilizing the Microsoft Azure endeavor blockchain.

The application intends to furnish voyagers with data about the tidiness of surfaces preceding explorers contacting them continuously. Explorers will have the option to assemble this data by filtering QR code stickers spread in and around the air terminal utilizing their telephones.

The application additionally gives voyagers the likelihood to communicate their perceptions about the tidiness of a specific surface.

As per Albany Airport, the examination will keep going for a quarter of a year, as air terminal workers will utilize the application to follow cleaning conventions for significant territories and articles inside and around the air terminal. More than 45 QR scanner tag stickers have been set in areas and on articles around the air terminal.

Chief of the Albany County Airport Authority, Philip Calderone, stated, “The utilization of GE’s bleeding-edge Wellness Trace App is a significant initial phase in our joint endeavors to incorporate new advanced answers for making more secure travel in a post-pandemic world.”

Different governments around the globe have additionally gone to blockchain tech to help in fighting the infection.

In Singapore, a city-express that has been to a great extent effective in containing the flare-up, the Government-claimed venture firm SGInnovate and Singaporean startup Accredify have together built up another blockchain-fueled computerized well-being identification.

Also, the Singaporean firm Perlin has built up a blockchain-based portable application called “ICC AOKpass,” which permits clients to check their COVID-19 status in a split second. These technological innovations using blockchain is remarkable in the field of technology, and various countries are approaching the new methods of coronavirus detection.

Your Crypto Is Not Outside Government Reach, Vc Firm Partner Says

A collaborator with the Collaboration Project, Morgan Housel, said that the government would easily monitor individuals’ digital properties. We all know that the government keeps a keen eye on every asset of the citizens, and your digital assets are also not left behind.

Housel said that some of the crypt claims are illogical in a recently released episode with Morgan Creek Interactive, co-founder Anthony Pompliano.

As an example, He clarified that the sector sees the properties as being hands-off out of control by the long-wing legislation. “The notion that the government cannot access your crypt, that, of course, they can. You cannot save your digital assets from government officials, and also they can access the same if they find anything that goes against the law.

Almost 100 years ago, Housel was thinking about the confiscation of gold as his backing. President Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR ordered in 1933 that people sell their gold in cash after the US administration had been granted the authority to confiscate the precious metal from the populace in a Mises Institute report.

I never thought that such thing may happen, but anything could happen with Crypto. You did that to regulate the money supply during the crisis,” Housel said. ‘If the government tomorrow makes a law that states, ‘While you have crypt of your own, you are going to prison,’ it will, of necessity, have an influence on the price.’

Whatever the government wants, the government has handcuffs and weapons, he said jokingly.

He’s always fascinated by it, although he doesn’t have any, and has no opinion on an asset class. That is amazing, he said of Crypto. Everything that looks like the 2010 bubble has developed into something common, he said. It’s a curiosity to do that.

In 2020, Crypto became much more popular with conventional financial players, including Paul Tudor Jones, due to the COVID-19 decline. Though the economies have been affected by the COVID19 yet, it is not the case with the cryptocurrencies.

There is enough noise about Bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies’ untraceable efficiency. Bitcoin “can be used to purchase products anonymously,” said early crypto primers, giving consumers the sort of financial anonymity that traditionally only existed in the “Swiss bank account.” Giving people a layer of anonymity and privacy, it has been smeared as a hiding place for almost every intruder, drug addict, gang associate, criminal, or despot you may call (though cash remains the chosen financial medium of such a person). And because of its capacity to give them anonymity and privacy.

However, while many governments have been using construction structures to collect transaction data and screw private data into a single database to capitalize on this very useful incentive, others have only just started going in this direction. Other than that, there are various privacy coins. The most important being Monero-that does not have a public record of connecting transactions to wallets. However, there are also resources for keeping non-privacy transactions secret. Thus, amid governments’ efforts in the USA, Russia, Japan, and elsewhere, there are avenues to stay hidden in the Crypto for those who wish to maintain a low profile.

Crypto Travel Company Adds VeChain Token as a Payment Method

Apart from other sectors, the tourism sector is also entering into the race of crypto adoption. One such travel platform is The travel platform has announced that it will incorporate the VET as one of the payment methods.

VET is VeChain’s token that is being used by many platforms to receive payments. In short, has now become a crypto-friendly travel booking platform. Travala users will now be able to book hotels, homes, and more through the VET token.

Juan Otero, CEO of the travel booking platform is hopeful that this implementation will increase the adoption of cryptocurrency throughout the sector. Even the VeChain Foundation believes that users will have multiple options to pay for their bookings.

The consumers will be exposed to multiple modern methods to pay for their bookings through the VET’s adoption. The VeChain Foundation is moving ahead to increase the adoption of the blockchain solution. Blockchain is a scalable solution and it gives security aspects to the entire system.

Overview of VeChain’s Partnership With Travala

The travel booking platform Travala is used by many users. With this partnership, VeChain’s token payment will be used in 230 countries. More than 2 million accommodations can be booked by making payments through VET.

Since the vacation rental market is being increased in terms of expenditure, the alternative payment methods will bring a fresh change to the industry. The demand will also surge the VET’s ability to be used as smart money.

In addition to the wide variety of accommodation bookings, the crypto payment method will also enhance the overall user experience of the Travala platform. It will increase the blockchain adoption overall. The payment will be processed faster and safely due to the reputable platform of the VeChain Foundation. On Travala’s forefront, the users will be happy to have access to a renowned and user-friendly payment system. It is a win-win situation.

VeChain Foundation’s Other Alliances

With this goal in mind, VeChain Foundation has partnered with many other companies in recent weeks. For example, accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton Cyprus. The VeChain Foundation is not just limited to the travel industry. It has partnered up with a variety of industries.

Pharma, automotive, logistics, food, e-commerce, and many other stones are being added to the VeChain Foundation’s crown. Another example of VeChain Foundation’s alliance with other industries is China’s Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company. VET token will be used as a payment method in ordering and tracking the food ordered from China’s food delivery giant.

Authorities Find Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm in Kyrgyzstan Free Economic Zone

Kyrgyzstan’s law enforcement agencies have been shocked and surprised after finding a large scale illegal cryptocurrency mining farms operating at the heart of a neighbouring FEZ or Free Economic Zone. The video of the illegal operation unit was posted by the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes which is the anti-corruption unit of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, on Youtube recently. 

During the on-site search operation, law enforcement officials found a wide range of highly advanced crypto mining devices that can easily be connected to the internet and electricity. As per the news reported by the local news media outlet, the authorities have already begun their investigation into finding the miners’ origins as well as the source of energy used for mining. As per the news, the official members of the FEZ Bishkek and the local government were involved in operating as well as covering the traces of the illegal crypto mining operations. 

The FEZ Bishkek is an economic corridor that is located at the heart of the capital of Kyrgyzstan’s capital. It is meant to promote, create, and help expand the private businesses in the country. This special economic territory, FEZ Bishkek is operational for nearly two decades now as per its official website. 

One of the primary reasons why Kyrgyzstan has emerged as a popular place for crypto mining is because of the low energy prices. Many of these big cryptocurrency mining companies have their bases in the country. In 2019, the local energy department officials made an announcement that it would cut off the power supply to nearly 45 crypto mining companies because they collectively consumed more energy than the total three other regions in the country combined. 

The parliament of the country has also been discussing in 2020 the need to regulate and tax the crypto mining firms in the bid not only to increase the country’s revenue but also to ensure that the crypto mining firms do not get a free pass at using the country’s resources without contributing back. 

It is expected that Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament would soon pass the bill that would bring regulations in place to ensure that the crypto mining firms do not profit at the expense of the country’s interests. The bust of the illegal mining firm in an otherwise thriving economic zone has brought to light the grave need to focus on the crypto-mining sector as well as revisit energy prices for commercial entities, especially crypto-mining farms. 

The Blockchain Paradox: Decentralization through Centralized Institutions

The potential of blockchain technologies has been well reported to decentralize regulation over our financial system. It’s one of the key elements of the new technology’s roots, with digital currencies blockchain network bearing a nod to the 2008–2009 economic meltdown The Times Chancellor on the verge of a second bank rescue.

While never explicitly explained by the founder of Bitcoin, the idea emerges from the title of a report in the London Times that describes institutions being bailed out by the Uk government. The U.S. Office of the state governor’s latest decision to enable national central bank liquidity in the U.S. to offer guardianship facilities for digital currencies is just another major endorsement of the validity of crypto. It is expected to trigger a competition across banking firms engaged in the development or get safe options for detention.

This centralization tends to be at odds with Nakamoto’s dream and the initial cypherpunks for a fair and inclusive financial environment. Reviewers decry the demise of the open utopia of cryptocurrencies when governments around the world linear relationships. Yet the case is much more complicated than this black and white interpretation makes it feasible. More than organizations that are inherently opposed to crypto’s political values, I will suggest that they are key to achieving such a dream. Centralized entities’ entrance into the crypto economy does not in itself constitute a threat to crypto electric principles. Although popular confidence in centralized structures in places like the U.S. could be at a record low, these organizations are not necessarily malicious or fraudulent by definition.

The same counterargument refers to autonomous organizations: they do not produce entities who are intrinsically reliable or socially accountable. Multiple controversies concerning wallet attacks in the blockchain sector, digital currencies offering fraud, and questionable ventures show quite. Indeed, this is nothing more than the case. The mainstream acceptance of blockchain will provide enormous benefits to the blockchain community as a whole it is a crucial move in the sector’s transformation that will dramatically expand the penetration from a small pool of tech-savvy consumers to genuinely global population developing markets that the fragmented symmetric encryption-industry is unable to accomplish in its present state. To be sure, the main aim here is indeed decentralization and economic progress. Very decentralized power also stems from the origins of centralization, so a process of centralization of power is first required to achieve this next step in the business.

Industry Summoning On The US Regulator To Open the Valves On Crypto Capabilities Of Banks

There are numerous crypto organizations and nonprofits who have written to the chief banking manager of the US so that the banks can own more power to handle crypto.

Responding for a request for comment on plausible mandates put by the OCC (the Office-of-the-Comptroller-of-the-Currency), there are several leading crypto participants to have written asking the manager for enlarging the access it allows to control crypto and make the usage of blockchain technology. Progress in the field of Blockchain technology helps a lot to expand the crypto currency market.

Blockchain Sponsored Transfers and Fresh Stablecoins Competing Against USD

Silvergate Bank is known to be one of the leading ones in blockchain-backed financial facilities. It wrote to the Office-of-the-Comptroller-of-the-Currency(OCC) for making the promotion of blockchain as it is a more methodical procedure for banks to transfer cash between accounts of the clients along with sending money to each other.

The Blockchain Association, a cryptocurrency influencing group, hailed the stablecoin project examples. Thus, it made a central portion of its elucidation that OCC gives an allowance to banks for making settle payments as well as welcome deposits in the form of USD stablecoins that matches requirements of the OCC.

A Brand New Perception for Banks

Various quality aimed and biddable cryptocurrency brands working in the US faced unjust lockout of primary financial facilities. The result for which the US clients faced unfair risks developed by the deficiency of access in the cryptocurrency business to guarded financial services. OCC came up with a request and based on which the office played up banking elasticity saying that the Federal banking method is effectively acquainted with and ably placed for change and it is being a sign for this system from its establishment.

The Office-of-the-Comptroller-of-the-Currency(OCC) is actually an office of the US Treasury which holds the accountability for controlling the chartered banks of the nation. The OCC has observed an entire acceleration of leaning towards crypto as Brian Brooks took the power in his own hands as the acting head of the office. It was just two weeks before when the OCC had at last given access to the banks in order to custody strong suits of cryptocurrency. Tight from that time, Brain Brooks has pursued with showing his interest in blockchain like a pathway of making payment methods more modernistic.