Defending Bitcoin’s Integrity in the Great Twitter Hack

How Secured is Bitcoin? Bitcoin transactions are highly susceptible to scams and major frauds. Though they are useful, bitcoins should be only kept and managed through wallets, that the user can control. Bitcoins transactions are virtual, and this is the primary reason, for so many deceitful activities and scams around it. These scams are hard […]

Tokenbox Launches Platform For Digital Asset Portfolios

Are you looking for a smart and safe way to execute your digital assets? If yes, it’s time to look at the new platform launched by Tokenbox. Before we look into the new platform, let’s get a bit of detail about Tokenbox. What is Tokenbox? Tokenbox is regarded as one of the most convenient platforms […]

China Gets Its First Blockchain-Based Public Resource Bidding Platform

Distributed ledger or Blockchain technology is getting a lot of popularity in many sectors. Academic sectors, technology firms, financial institutions, supply firms, and other industries are starting to use blockchain as an innovative approach. When applied to a business or an organization, Blockchain brings a lot of security and other benefits to it. It offers […]