Crypto Travel Company Adds VeChain Token as a Payment Method

Crypto Travel Company Adds VeChain Token as a Payment Method

Apart from other sectors, the tourism sector is also entering into the race of crypto adoption. One such travel platform is The travel platform has announced that it will incorporate the VET as one of the payment methods.

VET is VeChain’s token that is being used by many platforms to receive payments. In short, has now become a crypto-friendly travel booking platform. Travala users will now be able to book hotels, homes, and more through the VET token.

Juan Otero, CEO of the travel booking platform is hopeful that this implementation will increase the adoption of cryptocurrency throughout the sector. Even the VeChain Foundation believes that users will have multiple options to pay for their bookings.

The consumers will be exposed to multiple modern methods to pay for their bookings through the VET’s adoption. The VeChain Foundation is moving ahead to increase the adoption of the blockchain solution. Blockchain is a scalable solution and it gives security aspects to the entire system.

Overview of VeChain’s Partnership With Travala

The travel booking platform Travala is used by many users. With this partnership, VeChain’s token payment will be used in 230 countries. More than 2 million accommodations can be booked by making payments through VET.

Since the vacation rental market is being increased in terms of expenditure, the alternative payment methods will bring a fresh change to the industry. The demand will also surge the VET’s ability to be used as smart money.

In addition to the wide variety of accommodation bookings, the crypto payment method will also enhance the overall user experience of the Travala platform. It will increase the blockchain adoption overall. The payment will be processed faster and safely due to the reputable platform of the VeChain Foundation. On Travala’s forefront, the users will be happy to have access to a renowned and user-friendly payment system. It is a win-win situation.

VeChain Foundation’s Other Alliances

With this goal in mind, VeChain Foundation has partnered with many other companies in recent weeks. For example, accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton Cyprus. The VeChain Foundation is not just limited to the travel industry. It has partnered up with a variety of industries.

Pharma, automotive, logistics, food, e-commerce, and many other stones are being added to the VeChain Foundation’s crown. Another example of VeChain Foundation’s alliance with other industries is China’s Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company. VET token will be used as a payment method in ordering and tracking the food ordered from China’s food delivery giant.

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